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Walk-Socks, Pox and Jocks.

We were talking about Walk-sox, for no apparent reason. In our house, we talk about all kinds of things including all kinds of people. However, walk-sox has never been a part of the banter, and to be honest, I don't remember how or why we got onto the subject. My first immediate vision was of a skinny legged older man, standing with his long sox held up by a 'garter', all nobbly kneed and purple veins looking like old road maps,  sploshy and purple and veiny, poking out the top of the said 'Walk-sox'. Until, I very quickly remembered a skinny legged young boy, also wearing them. That skinny legged boy was me, and in fact I will place a photograph in here to prove it. OK, so the photograph proves nothing other than skinny legs and shorts, in the format of a suit. I cant find the walk-sox photos yet, but I will. Being of the baby-boomer period myself, I was one of those kids who wasnt allowed to wear long pants until going to High School! Even our little grey S

Dreaming of a White Xmas. In the Nude.

I know I write about my dreams a bit, I guess because I am fascinated by where they come from. This morning my first words to Ms. Ned were 'Tell me about the meaning of  "isthmus"...which I did of course already know to be a peninsula of land. It had all started with Ms. Ned and I and several friends standing on the top of a very tall 'A' frame Church. Yes, we were outside, standing on the very narrow , very top of the church. As if that wasn't odd enough, we were in fact, in the nude. As was the Reverend who was standing on a slightly lower platform at the front of the Church. As I looked down over the side of the church it was apparent that the roof was so steep that there was no way of getting down without severely injuring ones self. Being an 'A' frame, the roof ran right down to the ground on almost a cliff-face like angle. What I do remember is that our friend Geoffrey had a rope...a long rope, which may or not have some sublimal phallic

Lisa's Tale of the Toiletry Gaol.

LISA’S TALE OF THE TOILETRY GAOL This is a tale, of sorrow and woe, The day that Lisa, got stuck in the poe, All alone in the office, at the end of the day Knowing no-one, would be coming this way. The handle fell off, on the outside of the door, Immediately she realised, the situation was poor No back-up to be had, if you’ll pardon the pun, Cos toiletry habits, are not something that’s fun. The others had gone, and as you do, She needed a visit to the ladies, the loo. No phone , no hand bag, no help within coo-ee And all she had wanted, was a last minute wee! What to do, what to do, no way to get out No one to hear, her pleas in a shout Oh what a thought,  oh what a plight Surely not trapped in the loo for the night The only idea. The window up high, Through which she had, a glimpse of the sky And with fortitude and cunning, and a small rubbish bin, She vowed to get out of this annoying lock-in. With feet on the bowl, not a usua

Hard Headed Woman

I'm Lookin' for a Hard Headed Woman, Made of Ceramic, all fiery n hot And I really am not gonna care, If she has birds nesting on top. Cos' any woman who attracts such birds, Of clay or feathered type, Is going to be worth the search, And the associated hype. Come with me, my caylin friend, And bask in the potters fire, Until head and birds do meld as one, In Art that doth inspire. Ned Hoskin .au 

Winter ditty

The shortest day of the year is now past So cold wet and windy and harsh Oh for the sun, Warming my bum, On a beach somewhere sandy and vast! Ned .au 

100 Years ago in Melbourne , Sydney & Cairns. And trying to find Rosalind.

I happened upon this old Australian Geography school book we bought at a garage sale years ago. I hate to see something like this get lost from a family. As you will see by the inscription, this book was given to Rosalind in 1909 from "Mother" . That makes 'Mother' a minimum of 120 years old now, and even Rosalind is probably around 100 if she is still with us. I have a fascination with old stuff too I guess. Love these drawings of Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. Please do let me know if you think you might know Rosalind or 'Mother'. < Cheers! Ned Hoskin .au

Ooooh, I like Facebook 'Likes' like!

ON FACEBOOK 'LIKES' LIKE Ooooh, I like 'Likes' like, they make you feel nice, Likes are like cool drinks , when you add in the ice, They make you feel cool and all fuzzy inside Ooooh, I like 'Likes' like, I get all full of pride! Click on a 'Like' to show 'em you care, Google Plus 'em and then like, then you can Share, 'Likes' are so lovely, so likeable and fun, 'Like' my FB page, it's so easily done! 'Likes' are like kisses, first base as a friend, Showing you care, no need to pretend, I 'like' you I do, yes, just like a kiss, Makes me feel close, it's as easy as this. So, get your lips ready, for a Facebooky 'Like' Click on the icon, with all of your might! Its not a commitment, it's to show you're a friend, And isn't that all, that we want in the end!? Ooooh, I like 'Likes', from strangers as well, It makes you feel special, I think you can tell Dont be

"V" for "Victory" . Or could it be for something else?

OK, as you know, this Blog started out as a site related to Marriage and Weddings but has lately covered everything on the planet. So now I have started my  Blog for all things to do with Weddings and Marriage...and Weddings and Marriage only! From now on, Said by Ned is for the rest of Life as we know it! And I am going to start out by including a photo taken from a Postcard which is in my father's photo album. Apparently this was a common sight after the second World War. The reference of course is the "V" for Victory. Not quite what we do at Life Drawing. A little decorum, please. Ned Hoskin Ned Hoskin: Kindle Store

Can't Help Myself: My name is Ned...and I am a Websitecreativeitiaholic.

I wonder if there is a special terminology for people who keep creating websites. Could it be Websitecreativeitiaholic? You might like to have a look at the latest one! The others are of course.......... Not to mention  and       SeaChange Houses - YouTube and        saidbyned's Channel - YouTube ( I think I may have forgotten one or two as well! ) Cheers!! Ned Hoskin

Is this a message delivered by some kind of Para-normal ?

And it keeps going! The weird dreams I mean. Standing on what appears to be a large oval within School grounds, a child belonging to someone else kicks a large round ball at me. It is light in colour, with a glow. But the ball won't come quite to me. In fact it begins to weave and fly on its own in mid air. Going up and down and around, not letting anyone near it, in fact, taunting me. The other family with the child who kicked the ball laugh, whereas I have my own two 'children' with me ( they are children in the dream) and my partner...and we are scared of this ball, but can't get away from it. ;"> So, as you do, we find ourselves at a farm somewhere, where there is a large bench in a shed, and on the bench  are hundreds of toy, die-cast , old cars, mainly old Holdens, I guess because they are my favourite old car! There are sedans, wagons, panel-vans and even convertible Holdens. They are strewn all over the bench and as I scan them, I notice in one


DREAMING WITHOUT MEANING Well its happened again. I do love it when you wake up laughing. This morning's dream did just that, and as usual, one is left wondering, what the...? It started with me, the quintessential, self-taught Do-it-Yourselfer, repairing someones electrical wiring in an anonymous shop somewhere, trying to use pieces of... pumpkin the connector thingies. You know the bit I mean, where all the wires run into the little plastic box thingy before they go off in different directions. Of course I am trying not to get too technical for you. As I screwed the screwy things into the top of the pumpkin box thing, the bits of pumpkin kept breaking so of course, as the master of improvisation, I soon realised that one had to use the bits of pumpkin with the skin on. This, I found, would take the screws without breaking apart.  (I should point out here that I know more about pumpkins than I do about electrical thingies.) Having successfully rewired this person

The Hannibal Lecter CookBook and Calming the Savage Beast.

We were definitely fortunate to have been asked to a friends house last weekend, although I was a little concerned when dessert came out looking like it had been created using a recipe straight from the Hannibal Lecter Offal Cookbook.   I was even more amazed to see the effect that one slice from the said dessert had on the otherwise savage guard dog, whose behaviour suddenly did that of her master as evidenced in the photos below.  As you can see, the Savage Dog became a doting Lamb and the owner had a sudden reversion to a 60's era semblance of sign language. Others who also ate the Said Dessert seemed to dance the night away in singular oblivion , oblivious to any other goings-on.  On the same night, a Pig ran away with a Spoon, Polly Put the Kettle on (but had no takers for tea) and Little Jack Horner continued to sit in a corner as he has done for the past 89 years.  Also the bus from Priscilla found its way into the lounge room, Skippy ran

Capturing the Photographer Capturing the Moment.

Collingwood Victoria Australia I came across this scene this week and just had to share it. Ned Hoskin 'The Many Ponderings & Predilections of Ned from Indented Head' is on Amazon Books:

Marriage in Half Moon Bay ( Inspired by The Owl & The Pussy Cat

Sonnet for Leah & Luc: Marriage in Half Moon Bay. By the Sea at Indented Head, Two lives joined in life-long wed, Do you take this Man as Groom? “Of course I do my hearth doth Swoon” And Groom you take this lovely Bride, Of course, forever we shall be Side by Side Hand in hand, on the silky sand, They exchange a Promise to forever stand, Together by the emerald sea, In happy eternal matrimony Friends and Family gather round, Laughing and Celebrating this love profound And in the light of the satin sun, Bathed in golden light as One, Bride & Groom make Life long pledge In Half Moon Bay by waters edge. Like the Boathouse built of the very sand, On which our couple and friends do stand, The grains are joined to make the bricks so strong, Like Two lives joined for ever long Leah, Do you Take Luc, “Of course I do” Luc do you take Leah, Through and Through Down on the beach in Half Moon Bay We pledge this promise for Every

Feline Ballet Class

I snapped this pussy in the window ( the one with the waggyly tail) and have often pondered captions that could go with them. So I am putting it out to you all...please come up with your own caption/s and post it on the blog site under  "Comments". Of course the best one will be posted on here for all the world to see. Purrfect. There, that last nail should keep those people out! I'm getting tired of these ballet classes..... Ned Hoskin

The After-life: More Para-normal: What does it all mean?

In discussing our experiences with various Para-normal....or just plain weird  or amazing incidents over the years, there is one incident that keeps coming up. A couple of years ago we went to stay in a Guest-house / B&B , in Kapunda, in South Australia. It is one of the old buildings in the main town , and has had many uses over the years. It currently has a number of bedrooms and bathrooms...and creaking floors! Over a few drinks with the the owners that night, we mentioned the nice smell of the flowers in the upstairs landing area. They looked at each other with a knowing look. Explaining to us that they have only had a few people ever mention the flowers , they reluctantly explained that the flowers are plastic. However, they also explained that of the few people to 'smell' the flowers, they had all had some experience with the para-normal: in particular: they all believed in or had experienced , shall we say , 'ghosts' in one way or another. I have writt

When is a Big Toe, NOT a Big Toe? That is the Question.

The Story of 'J's' Big Toe. (Not her real name!!) Big toes are funny things. Normally they are on the inside edge of the row of toes on your feet. Not "J's" Well, not exactly. As a bunch of friends relaxed over a liquid refreshment of the vino variety, one friend put her feet up....or should I say...her TOES up! There, pointing to the sky like an obelisk were 'those' toes. Not the stumpy fat big toe that we all expect...but...the one next to it. Most of us have 2 big toes, but , well, in 'J's' case...its more like four 'Podiatric pencils.' There, before our very eyes were the toes that would be the envy of every piano player. The toes that every professional angler would just love to have. A toe which arrives 2 minutes earlier than the rest of them, anywhere 'J' goes. Here are two toes which would be the envy of every goal umpire. Imagine the goal umpire leaping into the air with every goal and pointing those t

The Family Tree that Drives you to Drink.

As many of my family know, I have spent too many hours over the past 30 years , from time to time anyway, researching family history. Amongst some of the best and most important finds are the following: 1. Some of us were on the first boat to land in South Australia. In fact, The Buffalo with Governor Hindmarsh was really the third boat to arrive...and we were here even before that! 2. We had a close link ( great-great grand-pappy) to the roots of the Wine industry in South Australia, so its fitting that most of us have upheld that connection in our own way. 3. There are skeletons in the closet, which makes it more interesting every day....but much of that is still inappropriate to put in writing....yet. 4. My own grand-mother only left the State of South Australia once in 101 years, whilst her own father travelled the world, including the U.S , before arriving in South Australia...on his the age of 15 years! 5. One great-great grand mother died giving birth on

Publishing an E-book : More difficult than I thought!

Always read the fine print! Thats what I have learned today! It seems that my e-book "How to Have Fun Getting Married" may have had a little glitch in the system, making the purchase a bit difficult for some users, such as on Kindle. I think this should now be fixed!  So, anyone contemplating purchasing a copy now have a special code to use for one month , which will give you a 15% discount on the purchase price, at the point of check-out. By inserting the code  UF98Z when you check-out you will receive 15% off until 20th March. Thanks to all those who have purchased copies...or have tried to! Cheers, Ned Hoskin 'The Many Ponderings & Predilections of Ned from Indented Head' is on Amazon Books:


These ideas fall out of my head while I am writing them. Keep some tissues handy!!  VALENTINES DAY POEM:  LOVE TO ETERNITY. Oh Valentines Day is a nice Pagan ritual, When Lovers espouse each others Love, But when their Love becomes Habitual, Then a push may easily become 'shove' Why hast thou not Married me Dear? Is it something that I have once said? Cos if if you should wish to propose to me, I'll say 'yes' if we get Wed by Ned! No dearest, tis not anything specific, Its just that our Love is a chore, Whilst Marrying you would be terrfic, I fear that it may be a bore! Then spice up our Life we should do then, Lets get out and do more thats fun, Cos you are my Lover and best Friend, And one day, we two should be One. They travelled the world and they saw lots, Met people, went places so wild, But the leopard never changes his old spots, And their Loving remained rather mild. Now that we've spiced up our Li