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Dreaming of a White Xmas. In the Nude.

I know I write about my dreams a bit, I guess because I am fascinated by where they come from. This morning my first words to Ms. Ned were 'Tell me about the meaning of  "isthmus"...which I did of course already know to be a peninsula of land. It had all started with Ms. Ned and I and several friends standing on the top of a very tall 'A' frame Church. Yes, we were outside, standing on the very narrow , very top of the church. As if that wasn't odd enough, we were in fact, in the nude. As was the Reverend who was standing on a slightly lower platform at the front of the Church. As I looked down over the side of the church it was apparent that the roof was so steep that there was no way of getting down without severely injuring ones self. Being an 'A' frame, the roof ran right down to the ground on almost a cliff-face like angle. What I do remember is that our friend Geoffrey had a rope...a long rope, which may or not have some sublimal phallic