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Winter ditty

The shortest day of the year is now past So cold wet and windy and harsh Oh for the sun, Warming my bum, On a beach somewhere sandy and vast! Ned .au 

100 Years ago in Melbourne , Sydney & Cairns. And trying to find Rosalind.

I happened upon this old Australian Geography school book we bought at a garage sale years ago. I hate to see something like this get lost from a family. As you will see by the inscription, this book was given to Rosalind in 1909 from "Mother" . That makes 'Mother' a minimum of 120 years old now, and even Rosalind is probably around 100 if she is still with us. I have a fascination with old stuff too I guess. Love these drawings of Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. Please do let me know if you think you might know Rosalind or 'Mother'. < Cheers! Ned Hoskin .au

Ooooh, I like Facebook 'Likes' like!

ON FACEBOOK 'LIKES' LIKE Ooooh, I like 'Likes' like, they make you feel nice, Likes are like cool drinks , when you add in the ice, They make you feel cool and all fuzzy inside Ooooh, I like 'Likes' like, I get all full of pride! Click on a 'Like' to show 'em you care, Google Plus 'em and then like, then you can Share, 'Likes' are so lovely, so likeable and fun, 'Like' my FB page, it's so easily done! 'Likes' are like kisses, first base as a friend, Showing you care, no need to pretend, I 'like' you I do, yes, just like a kiss, Makes me feel close, it's as easy as this. So, get your lips ready, for a Facebooky 'Like' Click on the icon, with all of your might! Its not a commitment, it's to show you're a friend, And isn't that all, that we want in the end!? Ooooh, I like 'Likes', from strangers as well, It makes you feel special, I think you can tell Dont be