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The Tram Sandwich

The Tram Sandwich I don’t often travel on a tram in Melbourne but on this day I was headed to St Kilda and decided to catch the 89. As it clattered its way toward my stop, I was feeling almost dizzy, overwhelmed by the exotic sights and sounds of Melbourne, the multicultural colours and sounds of the people in their array of international attire surrounding me at every turn. I climbed on board and quickly decided upon a seat near the front. Sitting down pensively I exchanged glances with the young couple sitting opposite. They seemed to be looking into me, wondering. I gave them a tiny smile before glancing down at my travelling companion, sitting on the seat beside me. ‘I wonder where he is going’ I stated out loud to the couple, tilting my head toward the companion on my right. They both burst into a rage of laughter, because, sitting squarely and neatly beside me on the seat was a perfectly wrapped sandwich, cut into quarters. ‘Do you think we should share it?’ I asked and


DOOR KNOBS,  REMOVABLE EYEBALLS & LOCKDOWN.     Last Wednesday a door knob came off of a cupboard in the laundry. Quite exiting really, during lockdown that’s kind of fun!   So I got new handles for 4 cupboards and installed them, professionally I might add. Then of course I had to paint the doors, because they are painted timber and the new handles caused new holes etc etc.   Then I had to paint the rest of the laundry, to match. But the laundry joins to the kitchen, I did the door frame…which meant I had to do the kitchen too. Of course the kitchen is joined to the lounge room, so that is also now nearly finished too, final coat to go on today.    Of course the lounge links to both the bedroom down the other end and the dining room, where ‘She’ has taken up residence for about 12 hours per day, since ‘She’ is now working from home.    So today I will start the bedroom…in the next few days I will have to paint ‘Her’ and the dining room too.    Along the way I broke the blind in th