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The Family Tree that Drives you to Drink.

As many of my family know, I have spent too many hours over the past 30 years , from time to time anyway, researching family history. Amongst some of the best and most important finds are the following: 1. Some of us were on the first boat to land in South Australia. In fact, The Buffalo with Governor Hindmarsh was really the third boat to arrive...and we were here even before that! 2. We had a close link ( great-great grand-pappy) to the roots of the Wine industry in South Australia, so its fitting that most of us have upheld that connection in our own way. 3. There are skeletons in the closet, which makes it more interesting every day....but much of that is still inappropriate to put in writing....yet. 4. My own grand-mother only left the State of South Australia once in 101 years, whilst her own father travelled the world, including the U.S , before arriving in South Australia...on his the age of 15 years! 5. One great-great grand mother died giving birth on

Publishing an E-book : More difficult than I thought!

Always read the fine print! Thats what I have learned today! It seems that my e-book "How to Have Fun Getting Married" may have had a little glitch in the system, making the purchase a bit difficult for some users, such as on Kindle. I think this should now be fixed!  So, anyone contemplating purchasing a copy now have a special code to use for one month , which will give you a 15% discount on the purchase price, at the point of check-out. By inserting the code  UF98Z when you check-out you will receive 15% off until 20th March. Thanks to all those who have purchased copies...or have tried to! Cheers, Ned Hoskin 'The Many Ponderings & Predilections of Ned from Indented Head' is on Amazon Books:


These ideas fall out of my head while I am writing them. Keep some tissues handy!!  VALENTINES DAY POEM:  LOVE TO ETERNITY. Oh Valentines Day is a nice Pagan ritual, When Lovers espouse each others Love, But when their Love becomes Habitual, Then a push may easily become 'shove' Why hast thou not Married me Dear? Is it something that I have once said? Cos if if you should wish to propose to me, I'll say 'yes' if we get Wed by Ned! No dearest, tis not anything specific, Its just that our Love is a chore, Whilst Marrying you would be terrfic, I fear that it may be a bore! Then spice up our Life we should do then, Lets get out and do more thats fun, Cos you are my Lover and best Friend, And one day, we two should be One. They travelled the world and they saw lots, Met people, went places so wild, But the leopard never changes his old spots, And their Loving remained rather mild. Now that we've spiced up our Li

Sara & Pauls' Wedding : More of Ben and The Mop.

MORE OF BEN'S MOP DANCE: THE BALLAD OF BEN & HIS MOP . Ain't it a little, over the top, When the Best Man's Partner, is a wet skanky mop, But that's how it was, for Sara & Paul, The Ceremony was great, and the reception a ball. All started out nicely, under the massive Moreton Bay tree, Wedding in Queen Park, at Moonta by the sea, And a couple of  champers, helped quench the dries, While watching the sun set, under stormy dark skies. Ben & His Mop Date The view of the coastline, the long snaking pier, A bubbly in one hand, in the other a beer, And the people all laughing and party so fine, The food was stupendous and so was the wine. So much so, that the guests did all dance, Never a rest cos there was never a chance, The whole floor was full, all the night thru, The sweat was a-pouring, for the bride and groom too. DJ  Paul a classic, mad man at Best, And the cousins all dancing, was such a dance fest, Even cousin Daniel , plank

Paul & Sara's Wedding Reception: Bens' Mop Dance

Ben The Best Man Mop Dance!! Sara & Paul were married at Moonta in South Australia. Here are a couple of shots from that day, a great location for the Ceremony, and just magnificent for the Reception...on the cliff top.  But when Ben , one of the Best Men ( there were 2 Best Men) chose a mop as his dancing partner, it was hilarious!  Have a look for a laugh! Cheers, Ned Hoskin for a direct link to my latest book 'How to Have Fun Getting Married' go to

Wedding at Caroline Creek

PAUL & KRISTY : CANBERRA I was priveleged to Marry a wonderful and out-going couple near Canberra recently, on an amazing property.  The mood was set for the most Australian of Aussie weddings, under massive ancient gum trees, then the marquee lit up with fairy lights, the kooaburras and other wild life all around. Paul & Kristy left me with a very strong feeling of family togetherness. Their families and friends showed such a strength of Love and bonding, as Paul said to me " Wow, How much Love is there, in that tent!" I went away with some words and a song in my head. Here is the poetic version until we get to record the 'musical' as they say! Or see me read it live on You Tube: For Kristy & Paul : Thanks for having us up there! see you soon and Happy Honeymoon! Wedding at Caroline Creek : The Paul & Kristy Ballad. Out in the bush, n

Nice photo of a Macca's store.

I am not making any comment about this photo! No I'm not! I just liked it for its' artistic merit. That's all.  True!