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Para-normal...or what? Mt Erebus Disaster.

I have mentioned before how I went through a period in my life where I would dream about a specific subject 3 times, to always have the incident come true. The story of the Air New Zealand, Mt Erebus disaster is perhaps the most outstanding, with a rather bizarre twist. The first major "Three dream" series occurred in 1977 when my mother was seriously ill. However, the family had been kept in the dark about the severity of her illness and were told it was temporary, which I guess it was, all things considered. Having woken three nights running in April 1977, with a terrible dream about my mother's imminent death, it was actually quite a surprise when I received a phone call the next day, summoning me to return inter-state as my Mother was on her death bed. Sadly it was true, we were all told the truth about her real health issue and she sadly passed away the next day. Over the next two years I encountered many other "Three dream" events of a more minor nat

Ghosts and the Para-normal. By a one-time sceptic.

I have felt a call lately to write about the After-life, Para-normal and now , about Ghosts. I was once a sceptic of the greatest kind. Most of that changed in around 1976 when I experienced my first of a series of para-normal episodes. I have alluded previously to a few experiences where my dreams, when they come 3 in a row, have come true. Scarily true, to the detail. These have always occurred three nights running, same dream, same detail and same end result, namely me waking in total fear. After having 2 dreams in a row I fear the third. Sometimes the third dream doesn't happen. But sometimes it has, with predictable result. After the third, the events in the dream invariably do happen.  There are several stories which are related in detail in the book I currently have underway. But I have decided to share with you the following extract from one section. This part of the book started with a series of dreams, which culminated in the following true event. The location is an ol


A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to go to northern India on a business trip. The city I went to was Jalandhar, north of Amritsar, the city of the Golden Temple. I just thought I would share a few of my favourite photos from that trip. In fact I was inspired into this by this motor mower ad from a TIME Magazine in 1964. It just happens that I also found a motor mower shop in Jalandhar, where there is almost no grass anywhere! The mower shop however did have a section of manicured grass out the front as it's display piece, complete ( if you look carefully) with a nice fresh doggy doo in the centre of the grass. These women were given the afternoon off from work at the factory to attend a special women's Festival.  Me on the left....but Man, I would just love to have that guys' outfit!!  My knees trembled watching these builders on the roof across the road from  my Hotel. Believe it or Not....there really is Indian Idol ! Seriously! www.w


Last night I went to Dreamland, Oh what a place to go It turns upon, its very head, Everything you know. The trees in Dreamland are bright blue, a strange colour for a tree But people living in the branches , Is something I thought I'd never see. The trains are in the sky and the ships roll on the roads And cars are shaped like icecream cones, and dogs look just like toads I saw buildings that can walk along and birds that fly upside down And even when it rains you see, it rains upwards from the ground. The ghosts are very friendly , in fact they run away and hide And cows of course are inside out so you cant breed them for their hide The sun shines very darkly and the heat is very cold, And every day you get a little younger, so you never get too old In dreamland everything is just so strange, and beautiful as well Although flowers are quite pretty they just don't have a smell, But when Life gets a little silly and sometimes its just too deep I just toddle of

The After-Life and Joanne Beats a Bully.

We were talking about the here-after on Friday night, when a friend suggested that she was concerned ...maybe afraid, of what lies on The Other Side . It prompted me to remember the things I used to Remember when I was very young. My only Baby photo: Around the time of the first dreams and noticing that  my nose was on upside down.  I remembered coming from a place where everything was swirling about. As a child I would have dreams about that place, constant motion, swirling. In my sleep I would dream the swirling so much that I would wake up so dizzy I would throw up on the bed.*  The good part was that I would get the day off school, the bad part was that everyone thought I was the weird kid. Particularly the school Bully, George B___. I won't use his full name just in case he reads this (if he ever did learn to read) and comes around and bashes me up. Again. The last time he did that, I was walking home from school when he set upon me for no apparent reason. The onl

Knights of The Round Table : New Video Clip!

As explained previously, we are embarking on the release of a bunch of video clips and cartoons revolving around Nights at The Round Table with the Knights Of The Round Table! These are the salty characters of the Local pub in Portarlington, Victoria, Australia. Enjoy!

Irony! One example.

Having just returned from a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide and return, some 1,500km, I do spend quite some time placating Ms SaidbyNed, who gets quite upset at the sight of the various animals being transported to and from their respective fields and their "end-of-the-line" destination. There was one poor hapless sheep who was uncomfortably standing pretty much atop the others and seemingly yelling out to the truck driver. The irony of the situation soon hit me, as follows! Cheers! Ned Hoskin "Hey Harry, Slow down...before you get us all killed!!"