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Marriage in Half Moon Bay ( Inspired by The Owl & The Pussy Cat

Sonnet for Leah & Luc: Marriage in Half Moon Bay. By the Sea at Indented Head, Two lives joined in life-long wed, Do you take this Man as Groom? “Of course I do my hearth doth Swoon” And Groom you take this lovely Bride, Of course, forever we shall be Side by Side Hand in hand, on the silky sand, They exchange a Promise to forever stand, Together by the emerald sea, In happy eternal matrimony Friends and Family gather round, Laughing and Celebrating this love profound And in the light of the satin sun, Bathed in golden light as One, Bride & Groom make Life long pledge In Half Moon Bay by waters edge. Like the Boathouse built of the very sand, On which our couple and friends do stand, The grains are joined to make the bricks so strong, Like Two lives joined for ever long Leah, Do you Take Luc, “Of course I do” Luc do you take Leah, Through and Through Down on the beach in Half Moon Bay We pledge this promise for Every

Feline Ballet Class

I snapped this pussy in the window ( the one with the waggyly tail) and have often pondered captions that could go with them. So I am putting it out to you all...please come up with your own caption/s and post it on the blog site under  "Comments". Of course the best one will be posted on here for all the world to see. Purrfect. There, that last nail should keep those people out! I'm getting tired of these ballet classes..... Ned Hoskin

The After-life: More Para-normal: What does it all mean?

In discussing our experiences with various Para-normal....or just plain weird  or amazing incidents over the years, there is one incident that keeps coming up. A couple of years ago we went to stay in a Guest-house / B&B , in Kapunda, in South Australia. It is one of the old buildings in the main town , and has had many uses over the years. It currently has a number of bedrooms and bathrooms...and creaking floors! Over a few drinks with the the owners that night, we mentioned the nice smell of the flowers in the upstairs landing area. They looked at each other with a knowing look. Explaining to us that they have only had a few people ever mention the flowers , they reluctantly explained that the flowers are plastic. However, they also explained that of the few people to 'smell' the flowers, they had all had some experience with the para-normal: in particular: they all believed in or had experienced , shall we say , 'ghosts' in one way or another. I have writt

When is a Big Toe, NOT a Big Toe? That is the Question.

The Story of 'J's' Big Toe. (Not her real name!!) Big toes are funny things. Normally they are on the inside edge of the row of toes on your feet. Not "J's" Well, not exactly. As a bunch of friends relaxed over a liquid refreshment of the vino variety, one friend put her feet up....or should I say...her TOES up! There, pointing to the sky like an obelisk were 'those' toes. Not the stumpy fat big toe that we all expect...but...the one next to it. Most of us have 2 big toes, but , well, in 'J's' case...its more like four 'Podiatric pencils.' There, before our very eyes were the toes that would be the envy of every piano player. The toes that every professional angler would just love to have. A toe which arrives 2 minutes earlier than the rest of them, anywhere 'J' goes. Here are two toes which would be the envy of every goal umpire. Imagine the goal umpire leaping into the air with every goal and pointing those t