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"V" for "Victory" . Or could it be for something else?

OK, as you know, this Blog started out as a site related to Marriage and Weddings but has lately covered everything on the planet. So now I have started my  Blog for all things to do with Weddings and Marriage...and Weddings and Marriage only! From now on, Said by Ned is for the rest of Life as we know it! And I am going to start out by including a photo taken from a Postcard which is in my father's photo album. Apparently this was a common sight after the second World War. The reference of course is the "V" for Victory. Not quite what we do at Life Drawing. A little decorum, please. Ned Hoskin Ned Hoskin: Kindle Store

Can't Help Myself: My name is Ned...and I am a Websitecreativeitiaholic.

I wonder if there is a special terminology for people who keep creating websites. Could it be Websitecreativeitiaholic? You might like to have a look at the latest one! The others are of course.......... Not to mention  and       SeaChange Houses - YouTube and        saidbyned's Channel - YouTube ( I think I may have forgotten one or two as well! ) Cheers!! Ned Hoskin