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My Lost Shoes

I don't know where they went, No idea why they suddenly left My good black shoes have left me bereft! For years they walked me up and down the bridal aisle, But now, well, my ( sole) can't raise a smile, Where did they go, oh why did they leave, Surely they couldn't be quite that peeved... The Left  was my favourite...although I sure miss the Right, I dream about them constantly, lost in the night, Perhaps walking a lonely road, in search of a sole mate, Always unsure, of their leathery fate! How devoted they seemed, such supportive of friends, But now I can't even try make amends Come home good shoes, let me polish you in black I'll wait up all night, if you'd only come back I promise to give you an over-haul if you like And even take you for a joy ride on my bike I promise to never take you for granted, or treat you a-miss If you come back today, I'll even give you a kiss Where did you go, oh, why did you walk? If only we could sit d