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Oh Goody, it's Christmas! A time for goodwill and cheer, When retailers put their prices up and food is far too dear! When families waste their money on presents that we don't need, And children lust for more presents, in unrequited greed. When a price is set to spend, on each other's special gift, Don't spend  less than that, unless you want a family rift, 'That's not fair, his present is far better than mine, oh dear, Gee, I want Aunt Myrtle to be my Kris Kringle next year'. When the traffic is more blocked than a plumber's worst blocked pipe, People yell and scream and road rage hits its heights, People stressing endlessly, oh, the money they must spend, On turkeys, cakes and puddings, which they can't eat anyway in the end. And running from early morning, when forcing yourself  out of bed, Eat breakfast lunch and dinner, with relatives you thought were dead, Nice to see you Deary, it has been a long long time, Eat another piece


I do write quite a lot of Poems for couples for their weddings. Often, the subject of the "Giving Away of the Bride" sparks emotion and sentiment in the reluctant Father of the Bride.  No Father really ever wants to Give his Little Girl away...not really. This thinking sparked the following for a Special couple.    THE ‘GIVING AWAY’ At Last you take that walk, down the proverbial aisle, My little girl with your new idol, The Little girl who I watched grow up, Playing netball and eating Chuppa Chups. When you were born, like a pink toy, I held you, And over all the years, and many tears, Through tantrums and the childish fears, I protected you. Now on this, your Wedding day, I am here, they say, To Give away, My Little Girl. Into the protection of your Husband, The Man you promise to Love forever. And a good Man he is, And I know him well, I know that his Love for You is like a well, So deep, so full , so Full of Life, To