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Is this a message delivered by some kind of Para-normal ?

And it keeps going! The weird dreams I mean. Standing on what appears to be a large oval within School grounds, a child belonging to someone else kicks a large round ball at me. It is light in colour, with a glow. But the ball won't come quite to me. In fact it begins to weave and fly on its own in mid air. Going up and down and around, not letting anyone near it, in fact, taunting me. The other family with the child who kicked the ball laugh, whereas I have my own two 'children' with me ( they are children in the dream) and my partner...and we are scared of this ball, but can't get away from it. ;"> So, as you do, we find ourselves at a farm somewhere, where there is a large bench in a shed, and on the bench  are hundreds of toy, die-cast , old cars, mainly old Holdens, I guess because they are my favourite old car! There are sedans, wagons, panel-vans and even convertible Holdens. They are strewn all over the bench and as I scan them, I notice in one


DREAMING WITHOUT MEANING Well its happened again. I do love it when you wake up laughing. This morning's dream did just that, and as usual, one is left wondering, what the...? It started with me, the quintessential, self-taught Do-it-Yourselfer, repairing someones electrical wiring in an anonymous shop somewhere, trying to use pieces of... pumpkin the connector thingies. You know the bit I mean, where all the wires run into the little plastic box thingy before they go off in different directions. Of course I am trying not to get too technical for you. As I screwed the screwy things into the top of the pumpkin box thing, the bits of pumpkin kept breaking so of course, as the master of improvisation, I soon realised that one had to use the bits of pumpkin with the skin on. This, I found, would take the screws without breaking apart.  (I should point out here that I know more about pumpkins than I do about electrical thingies.) Having successfully rewired this person

The Hannibal Lecter CookBook and Calming the Savage Beast.

We were definitely fortunate to have been asked to a friends house last weekend, although I was a little concerned when dessert came out looking like it had been created using a recipe straight from the Hannibal Lecter Offal Cookbook.   I was even more amazed to see the effect that one slice from the said dessert had on the otherwise savage guard dog, whose behaviour suddenly did that of her master as evidenced in the photos below.  As you can see, the Savage Dog became a doting Lamb and the owner had a sudden reversion to a 60's era semblance of sign language. Others who also ate the Said Dessert seemed to dance the night away in singular oblivion , oblivious to any other goings-on.  On the same night, a Pig ran away with a Spoon, Polly Put the Kettle on (but had no takers for tea) and Little Jack Horner continued to sit in a corner as he has done for the past 89 years.  Also the bus from Priscilla found its way into the lounge room, Skippy ran

Capturing the Photographer Capturing the Moment.

Collingwood Victoria Australia I came across this scene this week and just had to share it. Ned Hoskin 'The Many Ponderings & Predilections of Ned from Indented Head' is on Amazon Books: