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Why to keep Change in your Undies. ( And Airing some Dirty Linen, so to speak)

I was thrilled to hear from my friend Megs on Friday night at Happy ( several ) Hours that my Blog has become a highlight of her week! I always get a thrill to receive such a review.  My excitement was slightly short-lived when regrettably Meg did point out that other 'highlights" in her week include putting out the garbage and watching the ABC Test Pattern at 3am.  None the less, the attention was exhilarating, but then the highlights to my own week had been pretty mundane too, including milking as much attention as I could out of my squash-knee injury ( and going back to the court 3 times to do it again) , watching the Stats on my Blog as they stagnate and tidying out the undies drawer on Sunday afternoon. I do this from time to time, to find loose coinage. The reason I end up with coins in the undies drawer stems from the time many , many years ago when I was a little Ned and my Mother (Bless her) found a pair of my soiled undies hidden under a cupboard. You see,  I had

Squash for the Elderly! Everything you Kneed to Know!!

Last night whilst playing my regular squash match, I had an unfortunate accident. I guess it was a kind of chain collision, between right knee, end of racquet and rear wall of court. In trying to explain how this happened, I was asked to draw a diagram. The following is the result. I also recently heard on a radio talk-back show, amazingly, whilst driving to my regular game, that of the last 27 people to die on a squash court, 26 had recently been given a clean bill of health by their Doctor! I therefore surmise that one should not ask the Doctor's opinion on the suitability of your body to partake of the game. RUNNING AT FRONT WALL TO LURCH FORWARD TO GET A GREAT DROP SHOT : THE FIRST DRAWING THE EXPLANATION! ! Next week, I am thinking of wearing a suit of armour and taking 3 aspirin. And of course, I shall be accompanied by my best arm chair and a glass of red. NED HOSKIN Wed by Ned

Cow of a Government. South Australia and Water Torture.

What I like about Blogging is that I am getting to realise I can actually write what I think! And I am sick of Government Bureaucratic bungling,  particularly when it comes to the Government Think-Tank mentality of "How are we going to slug the Public even more tax to pay for the Governments' wasteful, deceptive and self appreciating Life style?" In South Australia, Premier Rann has touted a proposal to make the already flailing Farmers pay for water that falls on their own land, which water runs into the dams the farmers themselves have paid to build. More confusingly, the water   stored in the dams is exempt but if you pump it somewhere else from the onto the grass that feeds the stock...then the Farmers will have to pay for it! MIKE RANN'S  DAM COW OF AN IDEA: How funny it is, when Premier Rann, wants to charge farmers for all of the water he can, When it falls from the sky and into their dam, here is a tax, Allah Kazam! If the cows do rememb

I Phone Apps and a Practical Use!!

I have been researching I Phone apps lately and am amazed at the number of completely useless Apps, including Apps that inform you about new Apps.  Obviously though people do purchase some of the more bizarre Apps for their pure entertainment value. Personally, I just think  people should get a hobby. However, as you may be aware, I am working on a series of cartoons based on Pub culture in Australia (ref  Knights of the Round Table ) which you will be able to download on an App in the near future. And in all reality, some of those friends from the Round Table at The Grand Hotel in Portarlington (Victoria Australia) do take their Pub culture quite seriously. In particular is the Thursday Happy Hour , which seems to be a weekly magnet for many locals. So much so that some people take Thursday Happy Hour as a ritual. None more than a certain character who is one of the main attendees of the Round Table and features heavily in the cartoon series. And who has his new App set to a cou

The story of Lynda La Plante, Ned Kelly's Head replaced and a Madame.

Add caption As an Author wanna-be, I was pleased when my Madame friend suggested we attend an interview in Geelong being given by Lynda La Plante, the famous author whose career has seen her release countless books and scripts which have been turned into film, including the well known series Prime Suspect. Lynda's casual and comedic style was a joy to behold, including her insights into the fastidious research she undertakes for each of her Crime books.  The description of bloated bodies in a Russian morgue and the farting of pierced corpses was a telling insight into the lengths that she goes to, for the sake of absolute authenticity in her  published works.  And her story about visiting a San Francisco brothel for the sake of research was equally as enlightening and endearing. In a fine piece of marketing Lynda also managed to let out the details of the first 4 chapters of her new book, BLOOD LINE, which meant we all had to rush to the front counter after the Show and pur