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Lisa's Tale of the Toiletry Gaol.

LISA’S TALE OF THE TOILETRY GAOL This is a tale, of sorrow and woe, The day that Lisa, got stuck in the poe, All alone in the office, at the end of the day Knowing no-one, would be coming this way. The handle fell off, on the outside of the door, Immediately she realised, the situation was poor No back-up to be had, if you’ll pardon the pun, Cos toiletry habits, are not something that’s fun. The others had gone, and as you do, She needed a visit to the ladies, the loo. No phone , no hand bag, no help within coo-ee And all she had wanted, was a last minute wee! What to do, what to do, no way to get out No one to hear, her pleas in a shout Oh what a thought,  oh what a plight Surely not trapped in the loo for the night The only idea. The window up high, Through which she had, a glimpse of the sky And with fortitude and cunning, and a small rubbish bin, She vowed to get out of this annoying lock-in. With feet on the bowl, not a usua

Hard Headed Woman

I'm Lookin' for a Hard Headed Woman, Made of Ceramic, all fiery n hot And I really am not gonna care, If she has birds nesting on top. Cos' any woman who attracts such birds, Of clay or feathered type, Is going to be worth the search, And the associated hype. Come with me, my caylin friend, And bask in the potters fire, Until head and birds do meld as one, In Art that doth inspire. Ned Hoskin .au