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Informal Wedding Poem by Ned Hoskin : WED BY NED

OK, so as you may know, I like to Write! And as you know I Marry People. So here is a taste of whats in store with my book. A Poem that I have written for a couple , which they have read as a Reading in their Ceremony. I hope you enjoy! This poem however may not be used in any way without my w ritten consent. Please contact me first if you wish to use it or if you wish to have me re-write this one or create a new Poem / Reading for your wedding.   Today I Marry You, & the reason is quite clear, You’re none too formal that’s for sure, but your motives are sincere, I like the fact you smell like sweat, and your breath has that hint of beer, And when we go to sleep at night you say now Nite Nite Dear! I like the fact you know about, how to make me laugh, And for pouring me a champagne while I’m sitting in the bath! The cups of tea on my birthday, with breakfast while in bed, And when you wear my undies for a joke upon your head! I like the way you P

The Great Jan Fitz and her Amazing Glass of Water Balancing Act!!

Jan has a habit of balancing things on her head. particularly at a party. Wine glasses. Champagne flutes. Anything with liquid in it! Sometimes (actually, quite often) things go awry. On this occasion, poor Emma was the last one to see the joke...until that spilt second after these shots! And the contents are Ice and Water! Ned Hoskin Ned Hoskin

Writers Block to a Day.

I woke up with a Writers block, Firmly in my head, So I took up macrame classes and decoupage instead, Then I tried some kung-fu and had a game of tennis too, And I really enjoyed the cooking Class and making Swiss fondue, I even did computer class and then a little yoga, Sewing class was really good and I made my own red Toga, Carpentry is fun to do , but be careful with the saw, I studied Law and Politics, but found them both a bore, Cake making, Mechanics , Philosophy and  How to Build a Boat So much choice of things to do , I can even make my soap, I woke up today with Writers Block, tried some courses to quell the gloom, IF only I had the time to write , I'd write my novel this afternoon. 'I'm sorry Neville, but it's the worst case of Writers Block I have ever seen.' Ned Hoskin

And another comic from the Tales at The Grand Hotel, Portarlington, Victoria, Australia.

  Ned Hoskin

Life as it is at As Iz

Sorry, I know its been a while since my last Blog...altho James is pretty proud of himself I believe! Between the various things that Life has me doing lately, time is really of the essence! But I did think I would quickly show you the Art release we had at the As Iz Art gallery yesterday in Portarlington Victoria. Tags, Masks & Fishblood : This is a new release of some amazing works by our Gallery curator, Christopher Duffy. If you live in Victoria, its worth a country drive to Portarlington for a look. If you are further afield, have a look at our website on As usual we had a good crowd attend, and their appreciation of the brilliant Art on display was obvious! But I do have to ask you all...Who do You think the next painting here looks like? Who is she?? 5mt mural 'Awakenings' Work in progress. Chris' sensual paintings have incredible depth, and the characters of each stand out. Gaze into their eyes and you see a deep reality