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To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question!

To Blog or Not to Blog. That is the question.  JAMES CONTEMPLATING BLOGGING!!  To the Writer within, it is the last bastion. Telling the World the things on your mind, Better to Blog than be left behind. Tell 'em the news and the thoughts as they flow, If you wanted to write you should give it a go, Cos it costs nothing at all, to become a good Blogger And uses less energy than any new jogger. Oh to Blog or Not, That is the question, You dont even need to have a big lesson, Give it a try cos the worst result you could get, Is getting your Muddles all Worded up, I suspect!! Ned Hoskin

A Great Aussie Pub and The Knights of the Round Table

Lifa at The Grand Hotel in Portarlington Victoria Australia is about to change. There are new owners, new inspiration and a renewed vigour to the place. But still, the characters who frequent this iconic Aussie country Pub remain largely the same. Tourists do stick their heads in the door, wide eyed and eager, searching for the legendary Knights of The Round Table. These guys drink at the same table every day of the week and are a large source of inspiration, both for my cartoon series as well as for those that seek them out in real life.  Work on the first complete series of cartoons is still underway, but here is one of the animated versions for your enjoyment!  As one of the characters at the Pub will always remind you , with one of his endless quoted witicisms:  ' I drink, therefore I am' Have fun! Cheers, Ned Hoskin

TV Stardom (eluded) and a Happy Tail (nearly)

Having, I am told,  a pre-disposition to being attracted to bright lights, I sometimes reflect somewhat nostalgically upon my TV career. In fact I remember it well, the last time I was before the TV camera, the bright lights, the live audience and the nervous tension that flows through the veins just prior to a live performance. And as we all know, it is sometimes these types of career changing experiences that lead us from one dark corner into a new, brighter light, a new career. Hence, as I reflect upon a career interspersed with various and somewhat irregular media appearances, I am amazed at how the flow of media exposure had littered my flowing career path. Actually, I remember April 18, 1964 quite well. We had heard (by letter of course) only a few days before, that we were selected to attend a live Channel 9 TV audience, where some lucky people would be chosen, (one would expect, based upon their suitability for the role and their 'Star-status apparent'), and their o