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Nude Twister, Lies and Ghosts.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to undertake my annual OPD ( On-going Professional Development) at The Gordon Institute in Geelong. This is a requirement for maintaining a licence to work as an Authorised Celebrant. I chose to partake in a 3 hour Elective on Ethics which turned out to be far more entertaing than one might imagine. The discussions covered all kinds of issues pertaining to modern day dilemmas faced by Marriage Celebrants, some issues which one would rarely encounter but are none the less important to know about. As a part of one excercise we were all required to make 3 statements about ourselves, 2 of which were to be true and one which is a lie. The object of the excercise is to see if we could lie convincingly to the group, who have to try to tell which of the 3 statements is a lie. Sadly, most of us passed that test with flying colours, the group mainly finding it difficult to pick up which statement was the lie. I wish we had more time to think about th