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ON LIFE, BLOGGING & DEATH.The 100th Blog of Said By Ned

Once again I have procrastinated somewhat over the content of my one hundredth blog. I wanted to make sure it was something special. So it was good timing that my sister sent to me some DVD’s, which are copies of Super 8 films taken by a long lost uncle in the 1950’s. He was a wealthy farmer and had not only Super 8 movies but also colour film in his camera. He was decades ahead of the rest of us.   So, we sat watching these dvd’s one night recently, mesmerised by my sister’s perpetual dancing with hoola hoops, with years between acts, still dancing and swirling the errant hoops around her arms in various locations until they invariably skittled off into the distance with her in pursuit and the camera left rolling, aimed at a fence or a wall or yet another garden full of flowers. Although sometimes, the flowers are black and white. And there are my brothers. The eldest at four or five sporting the same frown he still characteristically wears 57 years later, lo


I havn't written on my Blog for a long time. Maybe it's a case of writers BLOG or something. But I realised this morning that this will be my 99th Blog entry, so its time to crack the century any day now. Last weekend saw me perform a Marriage Ceremony as Dr. Who. In fact my role was to play the well known Tom Baker version of Dr. Who.  The bride arrived in a Tardis...I dont know if she travelled from another time or place, across the galaxies, from a far away planet on the edge of Eternity, or not. I think she came from Melbourne. Or near there.  The Wedding theme was based on the episode of Dr Who and Vincent...Dr Who meets Vincent Van Gogh in one extraordinaryly fantastic and moving episode. Its worth looking it up and watching it. I loved the Dr Who wedding theme and I want a Tardis for keeps. I WANT A TARDIS I want a Tardis in my Back yard, among my pine tree forest Where I can contemplate nothing and let my mind get  lost