Last Wednesday a door knob came off of a cupboard in the laundry. Quite exiting really, during lockdown that’s kind of fun!


So I got new handles for 4 cupboards and installed them, professionally I might add. Then of course I had to paint the doors, because they are painted timber and the new handles caused new holes etc etc.


Then I had to paint the rest of the laundry, to match. But the laundry joins to the kitchen, I did the door frame…which meant I had to do the kitchen too. Of course the kitchen is joined to the lounge room, so that is also now nearly finished too, final coat to go on today. 


Of course the lounge links to both the bedroom down the other end and the dining room, where ‘She’ has taken up residence for about 12 hours per day, since ‘She’ is now working from home. 


So today I will start the bedroom…in the next few days I will have to paint ‘Her’ and the dining room too. 


Along the way I broke the blind in the kitchen, so I got Brian the Blind Man to come look at it  (that’s a paradox in itself) and now we need 3 blinds replaced to match. He gave us a price to do the outdoor awnings too, out the front. We will have to sell some grandchildren to pay for the outdoor awnings.  They cop a beating from the storms on the Bay. The awnings that is, not the grandchildren.  But before doing that, my builder friend said we should paint the roof, then paint the eaves etc around the house…and get the front rendered. Then the blinds. 


Yesterday, we went for a drive to Drysdale for some shopping and came back via St Leonards and Indented Head, which is technically illegal. That is life in Covid Lockdown in Victoria.  ‘Her’ new car hadn’t left the garage in a week, so even the car was excited. ‘She’ sat with her handbag perched on her lap the whole way, looking like she was ready to jump out at any time. This morning I have locked ‘Her’ back in the dining room / office,and won’t let her out until Friday. I should have the painting finished by then. 


This morning a mate is having an operation on the back of each of his eyes. They pull the eye out from the socket, operate and place it back under a local anaesthetic. Then the other one. The other eye that is, not another mate.  He has been so bored he is looking forward to the ‘outing’. He has asked the Doctor if he could turn an eyeball around enough that he can look at himself during the operation, a one off opportunity,  I guess. He sent me a text saying he won’t see me today but will keep an eye out tomorrow. 

This morning I spent 10 minutes deciding which side of my toast I should butter. I still think I got it wrong.  Most days I like to go park out the front of the Bottle Shop just to see who goes there every day. I keep a list. Unfortunately I am on top of it as the most regular. I guess that’s why we have to wear masks, to remind ourselves of our intake, via our own breath. And so they don’t recognise us when we go back to the bottle shop….3 times in a day.


Well, I hope you have enjoyed this riveting update from the land that time forgot. The moral of the story ( and there should be one ) is be kind to your door knobs, lest they lead to a full house renovation. And in these weird and wonderful times we are living through right now, keep an eye out for your mates.


Enjoy Lock-down in the Harbour Town. And keep a Handle on it.


Ned Hoskin                                            


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