Nude Twister, Lies and Ghosts.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to undertake my annual OPD ( On-going Professional Development) at The Gordon Institute in Geelong. This is a requirement for maintaining a licence to work as an Authorised Celebrant. I chose to partake in a 3 hour Elective on Ethics which turned out to be far more entertaing than one might imagine.

The discussions covered all kinds of issues pertaining to modern day dilemmas faced by Marriage Celebrants, some issues which one would rarely encounter but are none the less important to know about. As a part of one excercise we were all required to make 3 statements about ourselves, 2 of which were to be true and one which is a lie. The object of the excercise is to see if we could lie convincingly to the group, who have to try to tell which of the 3 statements is a lie. Sadly, most of us passed that test with flying colours, the group mainly finding it difficult to pick up which statement was the lie.

I wish we had more time to think about the statements, so as an example, I am going to quote here my new and revised edition of my 3 statements, which to my fellow students, yes, are totally different from yesterday.

1. I once danced on top of a bus, dressed in drag, to entertain 40 prostitutes.

2. I once played nude Twister in a park ( at 3 a.m )
3. I once chased a ghost around my house in the nude.

You need to imagine that I am talking to you and pick the lie. 

(For that purpose imagine I am playing some thinking music here...thinking , thinking ....)

I think this is a great Party Game to play with friends, and I cant wait to try it myself at home. My friends who know me well will know that I am capable of all three of the above but it would be less obvious to most people.

There were some great lines brought our yesterday by the various attendees, most of them contained no nudity or swearing ( sorry, I did drop the 'f' word once) and provided a great deal of entertainment.

Of course the primary aim was to see how we felt about lying and whether we were able to carry it off. Lying regrettably comes with our everyday lives in one form or another, often I think, just to make some aspect of our day easier or to run more smoothly. In essence I think lying is best avoided but if its intent is to avoid drama or hurting someone else, its not always going to be bad. In other words, lying under mitigating circumstance may be ok. I think. 

Anyway, you might be wondering which of the statements above is the lie. But I'm afraid I cant tell you just now. Because we have guests coming this afternoon so I need to go to the shops to find a game of Twister. 

Perhaps that will enable me to complete my 3 statements above and then there will be no lies told at all. 

I promise.

Ned Hoskin


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