The King of Hearts

I just LOVE being a Marriage Celebrant!

Oh to be the King of Hearts, surrounded by Love and Good will,
Swooned by Music and beautiful words, you never lose the thrill!
Will you take this man to be, Your King and You , His Queen?
To Love for a Thousand Years, and live in an eternal Dream?
Will you take her heart and care for it, will she care for your heart too,
Treated with Love and Dignity, It will last your whole Life through.

I hope that I am your King of Hearts, As you are my Maiden Queen,
You are the one I was looking for, You are my Mary Magdaleine!
I want to travel to the stars and back, and never leave your side
And laugh and live and love with you no matter how tough the ride
I want to spend my treasured years and all my waking days
Showing that my Love for you, works in a Thousand different ways.

I Love to be the King of Hearts, I love to see them glow,
The Couple as they stand and say " I love you forever, so..."
'I want to be your Robin Hood, and you Maid Marion too,
'I want a Life that always, includes my love for you'

You are certainly my Queen of Hearts, This life is the best it's ever been.
I Feel like a King everyday, With you my Maiden Queen.

To the Girl of my Dreams, from your King of Hearts.
Neddy xo


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