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What I Remember of 2017 ( Whenever that was )

Where did 2000 and seventeen go?
What really happened I would like to know.
Xmas went , the New Year began,
Cant remember if it was with a bang.

I think summer was hot, or did it pass by,
Was it real long, or was it just dry?
Should keep a diary but what is the point,
The reading will probably only disappoint.

Did Trump really say his button is bigger?
Waiting by day with his finger on the trigger.
I remember turning on the morning news,
Each day wondering if he had blown a fuse.

Wondering if the North was bombing the south
Cos of Trump and his impertinent mouth
And wondering how much, the rich did for the poor,
In this unbalanced world , the rich always need more

I wonder if Religion will ever come to see why,
It is religion that forms barriers that cause people to die.
Why is that rhetoric forms a God-ranting shield
Believe in me or I'll force you to yield.

And Brexit is causing such an outrageous flack
Getting out of the Union with no turning back,
And South Africa finally ousts Mugabe for good