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It has been reported here today that a new Cut-price Cutter has entered the market in Portarlington.
In fact, this does add a new dimension to a 'Back-yarder' entering the scene. As you can see by the accompanying photograph, the business claims to have fewer fact no over-heads for that matter.
"Furniture is...well...minimalist" said the owner Big Mike, who asked that his surname not be used...since he cant spell it anyway! 
When we arrived, a happy Customer, Kamil, seemed to be enjoying the experience.
"I dont mind holding the mirror up while having my hair cut.......But holding it up for other clients is stretching it a bit " he said
Big Mike explained that "Our shop design has been well thought out...the retail section is seen clearly in the back ground. It is somewhat understated and has that certain  Je ne sais pas" he said.
Certainly the new hair salon has a homely feel. Well, if you l…