Is this a message delivered by some kind of Para-normal ?

And it keeps going! The weird dreams I mean.

Standing on what appears to be a large oval within School grounds, a child belonging to someone else kicks a large round ball at me. It is light in colour, with a glow.

But the ball won't come quite to me. In fact it begins to weave and fly on its own in mid air. Going up and down and around, not letting anyone near it, in fact, taunting me. The other family with the child who kicked the ball laugh, whereas I have my own two 'children' with me ( they are children in the dream) and my partner...and we are scared of this ball, but can't get away from it.

So, as you do, we find ourselves at a farm somewhere, where there is a large bench in a shed, and on the bench  are hundreds of toy, die-cast , old cars, mainly old Holdens, I guess because they are my favourite old car! There are sedans, wagons, panel-vans and even convertible Holdens.

They are strewn all over the bench and as I scan them, I notice in one of them, a woman sitting inside.

The car, although a toy, suddenly becomes much larger and she explains that with these cars , all you need do is choose the one you want and when you pick it up it will become life-size...or should I say, a full size car.

So I chose my favourite which happened in the dream to be a 1961 FB Holden sedan.

We all climbed in to it, and suddenly found that we were back at the school grounds, sitting in the car, trying to get away from that weird ball thing.

However, the car couldn't get through the fence, as much as I throttled it, the fence held the car in the grounds. Thats when the creepy thing happened. It began to fill with bugs, flying around. At first a few, then dozens, hundreds, eventually thousands, flying around, inside the car. We were screaming. The bug crawled all over us. There were flying buzzing bugs and crawling creepy bugs. So many that the car began to fill up.

With much straining and screaming, the car eventually broke through the fence and as soon as it did, the bugs dissipated. I looked back and saw a huge mosquito sitting on that strange ball, as it continued to float in the air. The mosquito was the size of a bird. But thankfully we were able to drive away.

I am not going to tell you about the next scene, as it is too horrid, too weird to repeat. Maybe I will tell you that one over a drink some time. But for now,  we will skip that one.

Scene three, we are back at the farm house perusing the cars on the bench again.

The woman is still sitting in the car sitting on the bench, amid a sea of other old cars. She nonchalantly  chats with us as though she belongs there. In the toy car, on the bench.

The car we took is returned to the bench. The bugs are gone. The ball is gone.

All that remains now, is the creepy feeling of, what the hell was that all about?

Good morning. Or should I say, Good night.

Ned Hoskin

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