The After-life: More Para-normal: What does it all mean?

In discussing our experiences with various Para-normal....or just plain weird  or amazing incidents over the years, there is one incident that keeps coming up.

A couple of years ago we went to stay in a Guest-house / B&B , in Kapunda, in South Australia. It is one of the old buildings in the main town , and has had many uses over the years. It currently has a number of bedrooms and bathrooms...and creaking floors!

Over a few drinks with the the owners that night, we mentioned the nice smell of the flowers in the upstairs landing area. They looked at each other with a knowing look. Explaining to us that they have only had a few people ever mention the flowers , they reluctantly explained that the flowers are plastic. However, they also explained that of the few people to 'smell' the flowers, they had all had some experience with the para-normal: in particular: they all believed in or had experienced , shall we say , 'ghosts' in one way or another.

I have written before about some of my own experience in this matter. However, on this occasion it was to take another turn, another inexplicable event.

The owners explained that they had had a visit from a woman who knew of the association of the smell of flowers, when there are none near-by, and that that smell can relate to the 'presence' of a 'ghost'. She had apparently detected the presence of a woman on that same landing, where we had also smelled the flowers. The strong smell of violets.

We are both now open to such phenomena and were rather plesaed to have been a part of the experience. In our own little way, we have become 'believers' I suppose.

The next day, we drove some 400kms or more to Robe, another little old sea-side town in South Australia, steeped in history.

For some unknown reason really, the first thing we did when we arrived was to go to the old Robe Book shop and Cafe ( a great place to go)

As I walked in the front door, I was drawn straight to a book nestled amongst and between thousands of others. It was only a small book and yet for some reason I walked in the front door, straight to that shelf. I picked up a book called "After-Death Communication" by Emma Heathcote-James.

And on the very first page to which I opened that book, was a section written exactly on that same subject: the association of the smell of fresh flowers in the presence of friendly spirit.

Once again, I knew exactly, that we had been lead to that place in Kapunda the day before...and then to that Book in that Book-shop in Robe some 400kms away.

I just want to know, why.... and how.

One thing I will say is, I do believe that one day I will find out.

Ned Hoskin
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